Saturday, March 30, 2013

MVP Stanley Cup Edition Update

It's been quite a while since I've had an update on any part of this project other than the script parallels, so it's nice to finally get one in. Previously I posted several card from the Game Used Souvenirs set, but all of those were just single pieces of game used sticks.

This one is part of the Super Souvenirs portion of the set, all of which feature a piece of game used puck in addition to the game used stick. It features Kris Beech, who is actually one of the three single piece cards I already have.

There are a few slight differences between the two designs aside from the obvious inclusion of the puck shown above. The maple leaf design behind the player is new here, along with a slight change in the grid pattern on that side of the card. They also removed the team name and player position, then added the "Super Souvenir" text between the two swatches.

There are actually only four of these "Super" souvenir cards, the other three being Denis Shvidki, Pavel Brendl, and Milan Kraft. I've seen all of them at on eBay, but never really felt like paying what they were listed for. Some day I will get them all, when the price is right. 

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