Saturday, March 23, 2013

MVP Stanley Cup Edition: A Few Rainbows

Time for a different kind of show and tell for my primary master set project here on Card Boarded. Ever since deciding to go after all of the parallels along with the base set, getting a full base "rainbow" has always been a great accomplishment for this project. 

In this case, a "rainbow" is comprised of the regular base card, the unnumbered Silver Script, the Gold Script numbered to 100, and the Super Script numbered to just 25. So far I've been able to put together 10 of these, here is a look at them.

Pretty cool, huh? I am a huge fan of rainbows for any set, especially those that have at least four cards like this one. It's also kind of neat how you've got bronze, silver, gold, and basically platinum for the four different levels of cards. Even though this isn't like the rainbows of today with all the 1/1's out there, it's still quite an accomplishment to find the same card numbered to 100 and 25 for a set that's almost 15 years old now. 

What are your thoughts on rainbows? Are there any you are working on right now. If not, what are some that you have seen and liked? Of all the ones out there now, I would say my favorites are probably from Black Diamond and Certified.


  1. This is really cool, congratulations
    I have Henrik and Daniel Sedin base card

  2. Wow, those are impressive. You should post each time you complete a new one!