Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jimmy Howard: New Mask for 2012-13

This post is way overdue at this point, but you can never go wrong with showing off another cool goalie mask design, am I right? Most of the time goalies will have a new mask design each year and Howard has done just that for the last few seasons. This year's design is fairly similar to the previous one, so I didn't really even notice the differences until recently after a few Google image searches. 

I did find a great post about his new mask over on In Goal Magazine, click here to check that out. It was once again created by Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs out of Michigan. He's done other masks for guys like Ryan Miller, Ty Conklin, and Nikolai Khabibulin. Some really nice looking masks if you ask me.

Now that I see the differences from last year's mask to this one, I have to say the new one is much better. I love the '67 Ford Mustang which has been his go to the past few seasons. This being the Motor City, you can't go wrong with a car like that. Another nice touch is the retired jersey numbers around the bottom and the old school "D" on the chin.

Here's a look at the other side of the mask. Another thing I like is the symmetry of this mask. A lot of time guys will go with something different on either side, which is nice once in a while, but this is just perfect. Then there is the backplate, which is another great tribute to the three former Red Wings lost in the Locomotiv tragedy.

This is by far my favorite mask in the NHL right now. There are just so many cool features to it like the 1926 on the front grille of the Mustang or the Wings logo ghosted behind the retired numbered. What do you guys think of it?

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  1. Very cool mask. The tribute on the back is a great touch. I love the dual wings with the halo. Even though I'm a Rangers fan, I have always been able to appreciate the Red Wings(Yzerman and Fedorov in particular).