Monday, February 25, 2013

SCE Super Script Update

Time for another update on my favorite parallel set. I've been moving along at a pretty good pace as far as additions to this project go the last two months, keeping well in line with my collecting goals for 2013. This Super Script once again comes from a deal on SCF and was another great example of a trade that worked well for both parties. 

Here's a look at my new Shaun Van Allen Super Script numbered 11/25:

This will be the 48th Super Script I've added to the project now. It still amazes me that I've been able to put together nearly 50 of these things now is just a few short years of actively trying. It just goes to show you that if you look hard enough and are patient enough, good things will happen in this great hobby.

Sal over at Puck Junk definitely hit the nail on the head in his last post when he said I enjoy this quest for variations of this particular base set. I still get the most excitement out of finding cards for this project, specifically the Super Scripts, given how rare they are.

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