Friday, February 15, 2013

Duplicity #3: Tony Amonte

Duplicity - The quality or state of being double or twofold. 

For whatever reason I have just not had the motivation to sit down and put a post together this week, until now. I'm sitting here listening to the Wings-Ducks game and staring at a stack of cards sitting on my desk. That's all it takes for me to get back into the swing of things with another post for my new Duplicity series.

Today's example features former Phoenix Coyotes right winger Tony Amonte. The card on the left comes from 02-03 Upper Deck and the one on the right comes from 02-03 MVP. Both feature what appears to be a picture from a photo shoot at America West Arena.

At least it looks like a photo shoot to me. What do you think? Something just seems off about the lighting and Amonte looks way too, I don't know, relaxed as he glides up the ice with the puck. As far as indicators that the picture is identical, the most obvious is probably the shadows on the back of his jersey. There is also the location of his gloves and stick relative to the "America" text on the boards in the background.

If these pictures are in fact from a photo shoot, at least it's better than just showing him pictured with his former team. I can see how this would make sense if these were early season releases for 2002-03 as Amonte signed as a free agent with Phoenix in July of 2002.

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