Sunday, February 10, 2013

Duplicity #2: Dominik Hasek

Duplicity - The quality or state of being double or twofold.

Man, what a great weekend it was for the Wings beating the Oilers and the Kings in less than a 24 hour span. Between watching these two games and being tied up with a few other things, I didn't have much time to get any other posts put together, so I'll go with the only other one I had in the queue, another installment of my new Duplicity project.

This example features former Red Wings goaltender Dominik Hasek on two cards from 2001-02. The card on the left comes from that year's Upper Deck set and the one on the right comes from MVP. Both feature the same shot of Hasek at his press conference after being traded to the Wings back in the summer of 2001.

As far as the similarities that ensure this one is the same picture, the way the shadows of the microphone fall on the jersey is probably the best indicator. The only difference between the two seems to be the coloring of the skin, which is probably just the result of an auto-correct operation or something similar on the MVP picture.

I can see how this makes a bit more sense than the Ouellet from my first post, seeing that both are early season products from the same season. On the other hand, I still don't understand how a company like Upper Deck does not have access to enough useable pictures for their cards. I'm sure they do, and this one either slipped through the cracks or is just an example of pure laziness when it comes to photo selection.

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  1. Nice catch. My guess is Upper Deck wanted to rush a photo of Hasek in his Detroit jersey and didn't want to use Photo Shop.