Saturday, December 29, 2012

Patrik Stefan: ICE 1st Rounders Jersey

Yesterday I posted about a trade I made with Kevin over at Kevin's Collection that brought me two new Jimmy Howard cards. Also included in the deal was a nice piece for my Patrik Stefan collection, a 2000-01 Upper Deck ICE 1st Rounders jersey.

This is my new favorite Stefan card. It an acetate card from back when ICE was actually a cool looking and feeling set. I like how you can see through the area behind the ICE logo and that you can see the back side of the jersey swatch from the other side of the card.

The other cool thing about this card is the way the jersey swatch window is cut in the shape of a number one. Its also a plus that it comes from the maroon portion of the Thrashers jersey as that is a bit more scarce than either the dark blue or white.

This one makes for 7 auto/memorabilia cards in my Stefan collection and is the 60th different card of his I've been able to track down. Not as impressive as my Hasek and Howard numbers, but it'll get there one of these days as his stuff is usually dirt cheap and there is almost zero demand for it.

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