Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Wings Card of the Day: 1997-98 Score Platinum Team Igor Larionov

I was again hoping something from eBay would've shown up in the mail today, but that was not the case or else I wouldn't be writing this post. Anyway, I went through my Red Wings binder and pulled out a few more cards to show off as part of this mini-series here. I chose this one in particular because of a show and tell thread over on SCF, where the same set was shown for another team, that being the Colorado Avalanche of all teams.

This one featuring "The Professor" Igor Larionov is from the 1997-98 Score set, specifically the regional Red Wings version. There were actually several teams that had their own Score set that season and the parallel for those was "Platinum Team" versus the "Artist's Proof" parallels from the mainstream Score release.

This is one of the sets I remember collecting as a kid. I have a ton of Wings cards from both the mainstream set and the regional set. I even have two of these "Platinum Team" cards, the other one being Sergei Fedorov. I remember thinking these were the coolest thing back then. Imagine that, a non-serial numbered, non-memorabilia, and non-autographed parallel that was cool to have. Those were the days...

Did any of you guys collect this set? Or any of the regional team sets? I've thought about adding 1997-98 Score to my master set project list, but I've held off on that with two other projects going. I don't know what it is about the set, but I just love the base design and the parallels are just plain cool.

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