Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jersey Collection: Chris Chelios

Rather than going with three Red Wings card of the day posts in a row, I thought I would go with something a bit different today and show off another one of the jerseys in my collection. Today's jersey is of former Red Wing and Blackhawk defenseman Chris Chelios. 

I bought this jerseys a long time ago back when I was in high school. I was browsing at the local hockey shop and came across a rack of jerseys and this was the first one I noticed. I also noticed the sale price of just $30 and had to jump on such a good deal. The only downside is that I bought the thing when I didn't care how baggy it looked on me. It's a large and nowadays that's just way too big for me.

Jersey Info
Team: Chicago Blackhawks
Player: Chris Chelios
Number: 7
Manufacturer: CCM
Size: L
Acquired from: Perani's Hockey World
The best thing about this jersey is the crest on the front. As much as I dislike the team as a Red Wings fan, I have to agree with the people that think they have one of the best logos in sports.The other cool thing about this one is the captain's "C" on the front as this is one of the few jerseys in my collection with that.
Looking at the back of the jersey, it's got Chris' last name across the top above a big number seven. It also has the CCM logo on the lower left side. Since this is an older jersey, it does not have the manufacturer's mark at the top on the back.

As usual with these, now it's time to find a card that shows this jersey in action, well at least the real version of it. I was too lazy to go through my Blackhawks binder for one of these, so this scan from eBay will have to do for now.

Even though I don't wear this one very much anymore, it's still pretty neat having it in my collection, especially after Chelios spent a number of years here in Detroit with the Wings. I never really hated the guy when he was in Chicago either, although I've heard he wasn't well liked around here before he arrived.


  1. Being a Huge Hawks fan I have at least 5 jersey's. 1 Khabibulin, 2 Toews, and 1 Thibault since I like goalies. But I do admit I have a Detroit Red Wing Dominik Hasek jersey since he was such a Legendary goaltender. But you should have a Jimmy Howard jersey. I have 3 old Patrick Roy's a practice and all star jersey plus a jersey that is signed and framed

    1. My plan is to get a Howard jersey for the upcoming Winter Classic. I already have too many regular Wings jerseys (Yzerman, Hasek, Datsyuk, Lapointe, Joseph) to want another of the exact same thing.

  2. In the immortal words of Denis Savard, "Commit to the Indian".