Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Patrik Stefan: More eBay Pickups

Time for a little more Patrik Stefan show and tell. These next four cards are the last of several eBay purchases I made during a recent streak for this project. I've got two autos and two serial-numbered inserts, one of which is numbered to just 25 copies.

The first was this auto from 1999-00 Topps Premier Plus, specifically the Signing Bonus set. Clever name, right? Anyway, this one is a really nice looking card, plus this is probably the nicest signature I have of his so far. The others are all nothing more than chicken scratch at best. This one you can actually make out the "P" from Patrik and his #13 at the end.


Next is one of the chicken scratch autos I was talking about. It's the silver version signature card from 1999-00 BAP Millennium Signature Series. I love the look of the cards from this set, especially some of the colored parallels. Interesting fact: apparently this was Stefan's "first signature card" according to the text on the back.

Now it's time for the inserts. The first one is this Future Greats from 2001-02 SP Authentic. It's numbered to just 3500 copies. Kind of reminds you of the inserts of the mid-90's doesn't it? One thing I like about this one is the blur effect around the player image. It adds a little something to an otherwise boring plain white background.

The next one is pretty similar to the last one. It's the SP Limited Gold version of the same card, this time numbered to just 25 copies. I've never seen the "regular" version of this set before, let alone the gold parallel version of it. And come to find out, there's another version in between that's numbered to 150 copies. Now I have a rainbow to complete.

So that's it for the recent Stefan kick that I've been on. I never realized he had so many cards out there given how quickly he faded from the hyped 1st overall pick to nothing more than a blooper reel highlight with his empty net flub in Dallas. Anyway, the best thing is how cheap this stuff is relative to something like my Howard collection.

Now I'm just on the lookout for anything that catches my eye with a decent price tag. There are a lot of cool inserts and parallels of his to be had, I just need to actually find them now.


  1. I love looking at your Stefan pickups. I used to have 88% of his cards with many 1/1's up until 2008. I ended up selling them to a nice guy in Finland. These cards bring back memories for me. Thank you for posting these!