Sunday, September 2, 2012

Masks: Another eBay Pickup

A few months ago I decided I would officially start going after all of the Pinnacle and BAP/ITG Mask cards as I had a decent start to the project already going thanks to some previous purchases. Since then I haven't really come across many great deals on these cards that were worth jumping on, until a few days ago. 

I was doing one of my daily eBay searches and came across a Martin Gerber The Mask V card from Between The Pipes. It had a starting price of just $0.95 with free shipping. I threw up a bid for that amount and ended up winning at the end of the seven days. I figure if I can get one of these for $1 or less, I shouldn't pass it up. 

Here's a look at card number M-22 from The Mask V set:

It's a great looking card and I think a good deal at just $0.95, would you agree?  The only downside to the free shipping part of this auction was the dreaded PWE that the card came in. I guess when the seller doesn't charge for shipping, you can't really complain unless the card arrives damaged, which in this case it did not.

The funny thing is because the shipping was free, eBay does not let you give the seller any kind of rating for shipping. What do you guys think about that? Even if you don't pay for it, there is still a chance the card could be damaged no matter what way they ship it to you.


  1. Nice pickup.

    I have no problem not being able to rate for shipping if the shipping is free. There are still other rating areas that can be utilized if the card arrives in less than adequate condition.

    In my opinion, free shipping does not give the seller a license to be careless.

  2. I have the same opinion bamlinden, even if its free shipping, the seller must not be careless.
    Your card is really good!
    Sorry for my english =D