Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gold Script Update

Lately it seems like I've been getting stuff for my various PC projects in bunches. I say that because to go with yesterdays Super Script update, I also have a Gold Script to share. They both came in the mail the same day, but I like to stick to my one post per day limit.

This one also came from eBay and only set me back $0.99 plus shipping, which definitely isn't all that bad. I mean it does kind of suck that shipping costs more than the actual card, but hey that's just the way things are nowadays.

Here's a look at my Dimitri Mironov Gold Script numbered 096/100:

This is the 49th Gold Script I've been able to come up with towards the 220 card set. That just about the 25% mark. This will be the second Capitals Gold Script along with the Peter Bondra I already have.

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