Sunday, September 30, 2012

Card Show Haul: Gibraltar Trade Center 9/30/12

I had some free time today and I happened to notice the last sports card show of the month around here was going on this weekend, so I decided to head on down to the Gibraltar Trade Center show once again this afternoon. The last time I went was back in July, so I was hoping the recurring dealers would have some new stuff to sort through. 

This haul is all about my side projects as I wasn't able to find anything from my main PC projects. I ended up with a bunch of singles and one boxful of cards. Here's the rundown for how I spent $14 (I know, pretty sad right?) at the show this time around:

Parking/Admission = $2.00
(20x) $0.10 Box pickups = $2.00
(4x) $0.25 Box pickups = $1.00
(2x) $0.50 Box pickups = $1.00
(2x) $1.00 Box pickups = $2.00
(1x) 800ct Box of Wings Cards = $6.00

Again, not overly impressive, but still something to show. I wish I could come home with more every time I go, but it's hard to just buy something for the sake of spending money nowadays. When I was younger, I had no problem going to a show and blowing $100 on random sealed boxes, but that was before i had any kind of focus in my collection. 

Now I go into these shows each time with a pretty small list of things to look for, although my side projects (Goaltending Gallimaufry, Captured on Cardboard, and My Picks) keep me looking through every dime and quarter box I can find, which is actually the best part about going to shows anymore. 

I'll be putting together several posts to cover this haul, so stay tuned...

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  1. Nice haul, there are a lack of card shows in this Province sadly. There are a few flea markets that have a few tables set up but that's about it - no 0.10 cent boxes though :/