Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thoughts: Becoming and eBay Seller

Lately I've been thinking about venturing into selling things on eBay, mainly stuff other than cards from my hockey collection (i.e. jerseys, action figures, etc). I've already got myself setup with a seller profile and have nearly 100 positive feedback as a buyer. 

I just have to take the next step and actually get something listed. 

My question for you guys is do you have any advice on getting started as a seller? Anything to watch out for or any tips and tricks you're willing to share? I don't want to do this as a means to make money, just get rid of some stuff I don't care for anymore and fund my seemingly constant card purchasing.


  1. It's pretty easy. The biggest thing is to figure out shipping costs. No one likes to bid on something or buy something that there's no set shipping price. At the same time don't gouge on shipping either. Next are you going to sell in an auction or buy it now? And I would recommend using ebay shipping. You'll get a discount and free tracking. But you'll need some way to figure out weight. And take the time to put a detailed description up. You don't need to write a book, but describing exactly what it is in the description section. I had a friend who sells lots of clothes and other things non-sports related tell me it the story that helps sell. But don't go too overboard. And when you ship, ship it like you'd want it to be packaged and shipped to you.

  2. I set up an eBay store about a year ago and have done okay. I've mostly been getting rid of some toys and other collectibles that I don't care much about anymore. I'm happy with the results. Most of the money I've gotten goes right back into buying other things on eBay. It's nice knowing you've got some extra cash in your Paypal account.

    I try to list everything at a fair price so it will sell quickly with free shipping. People seem to like free shipping even if I'm raising the listing price to cover my costs.


  3. I always start my auctions at 99 cents, and usually get a fair ending price. Most of the time, if the starting bid is retail or higher, it's going to sit there, and you'll have to re-list it again and again. I'm not looking to get rich, mostly looking to get rid of stuff for a fair price. I like to feel like I'm getting a deal when using Ebay, so I try to make others feel like they are getting a deal. Like the 2 comments above, shipping can be tricky. You might see a great starting price on an item, just to see that the shipping is outrageous, and that's why no one's bid yet. Start with a fair price, and have reasonable shipping(and reasonable shipping time as well), answer any questions, and you should have no problems at all. Good luck!

  4. An accurate detailed description is a must.

  5. Invest in a electronic scale. You can find them on ebay for less than $20. Go to your local p/o or on usps.com to get free shipping boxes and envelopes. A flat rate priority envelope (you'd be surprised how much you can fit in one) with delivery confirmation ships anywhere in the US for less than $6 and a medium sized flat rate box ships for around $12. Knowing someone or somewhere that can offer you free (slightly used) bubble wrap or packing peanuts saves money. Sometimes you can find these on craigslist for free. Usps.com also has a shipping caculator to help in figuring shipping prices.
    Always remember your customer should always remain your top priority. Take the time to answer their questions, help resolve any problems that may arise after the sale, and leave positive feedback for them. Granted you may find a person is completely impossible to satisfy but thay seem to fall few and far between.
    There are numerous books out there also that can help. Your local library should have a some. Of course, you can post on your blog and I'm certain you will get enough help. Good luck. Have fun.