Saturday, August 25, 2012

SCE Super Script Update

Today's mail brought in another card I've been waiting for the last few days now after I jumped on another great BIN deal from eBay. As the title suggests, its another one for my Super Script set. I just seem to keep finding these things lately, which is awesome because they are incredibly hard to come by. 

Here's a look at my new Drake Berehowsky Super Script numbered 06/25. 

Like I mentioned earlier, this was another BIN purchase from eBay. I saw the listing and immediately jumped on it given the asking price. For just $4.99 and a few bucks for shipping, I couldn't pass it up considering I would likely never see one of these again.

This one brings my Super Script total to 35 out of a possible 220. Click here to see all of them together. I'm off to the local card show tomorrow, so who knows maybe I'll have another update for this set this weekend. Probably not, but one can always hope, right?