Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Authentic Fabrics

This is probably the longest I've gone between Howard pickups in a while now. For some reason, I kind of lost some of my interest in the whole player collecting thing the last few weeks and have been preoccupied with a few of my set projects.

Lately it seems like the demand for Howard stuff is going up, which I guess is to be expected given the circumstances. That said, it's getting harder to land any of the nice stuff at rock bottom prices anymore, so when this steal came along I had to jump on it. 

First, here's a look at the card. It's an authentic fabrics jersey from 2011-12 SP Game Used. 

The cool thing about this set is that each player has their own unique "rainbow" if you will. For example, there are four versions of Howard's card in this set. Together they spell out "JIMH" which is a neat way to get collectors chasing more than one of the same card.

I call this one a steal because I ended up bringing it home for just $1.50 including shipping. I saw this and similar cards at my last card show priced at sometimes $10 or more, so I would think it would be considered a steal, am I right?

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