Friday, July 13, 2012

Card Show Pickups: Best of The Rest

I've got one last show and tell post from my Gibraltar show trip. This one is all about the miscellaneous junk I picked up to fill out the purchases I made at the various dime, quarter, and dollar boxes. I thought about turning some of these into "My Picks" posts, but that would've just taken too long, so here's a look at all of them together.

This first batch came from two separate tables. The first six were all from a quarter box and they went along with some Metal Universe and MVP SCE pickups so I ended up with even dollar amounts. The rest came from a dime box of commons from the last two seasons.

Next we have a nice six pack of quarter box pickups. I was kind of surprised to find a stack of about 50 gold script cards from various seasons in this box. I grabbed some of the better ones I could find like the Thornton. The Tootoo was a nice surprise because I got it before it came out that he signed with Detroit back on July 1st.

So it wasn't the biggest card show haul ever, but it was still a good day for me and some of my PC projects. Plus, who doesn't love sorting through box after box of singles hoping for that hidden gem you come across once in a while.

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