Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Limited Gold Spotlight

One more quick mailday post before I get to all the pack breaks I've been talking about. This is another one that I ended up getting for a really great price, I would even go as far as calling it another eBay steal. It's a Gold Spotlight parallel from 2010-11 Limited.

It's the exact same as the Silver Spotlight card other than the coloring behind the word spotlight on either side of the Limited logo. The biggest and most important difference between the two, is the serial number on the back. You can't see it here but, this card is numbered 04/10. Click here to see it.

Earlier I said I thought this was another steal, now what do you think a card numbered 04/10 for a guy like Howard would go for? I figured I would have to pay at least $10 for it considering some of the similar auctions I've watched in the past. Well, I ended up getting it for just $6 delivered, not bad eh?

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