Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Fabric of The Game

Lately I've been cutting back on Jimmy Howard purchases because his stock is rising with the way he's played therefore demand is up meaning prices are up. Hopefully that will cool off when summer comes around and I can get some decent cards on the cheaper side when the focus is elsewhere in the world of sports.

That doesn't mean I won't jump on a good deal when I can though. This one would fall in that category as I managed to get it for only $4 with free shipping. It's a 2011-12 Certified Fabric of the Game single jersey swatch numbered 197/399.

While there are parts of this design I like, including the "Fabric of the Game" text and the jersey mesh texture on the card, overall this card is kind of underwhelming. That's only because of Panini's typical cookie-cutter design where they change absolutely nothing before adding a sticker and calling something an autographed parallel. 

This design is definitely a downgrade over the 2010-11 design. Click here for a look at one of those. At least there, the bottom of the card is brought together with the team logo and set name text. On the 2011-12 version, the bottom is left vacant on the non-auto versions, making for an awful overall look. 

Despite how I feel about the design, it's still a nice addition to my Howard collection, plus I got it for what I think was a great price. It's brings the collection total to 108 cards.


  1. Nice card to add to your collection and a good deal at that price! I have a couple of the Tomas Tatar FOTG cards for my collection, unfortunately there seems to be like 20 versions of these with different print runs and die cuts!

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Howard has all kinds of the die cuts too including things like "USA" his "GAA" and stuff like that.