Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jersey Collection: Nikolai Khabibulin

Here's another one that's been sitting in draft status for a while, and since I don't have access to my scanner at the moment, it will have to do for now. This one is probably my favorite non-Red Wings jersey with a name and number on the back. It's an old school Coyotes Nikolai Khabibulin jersey.

I got it several years ago from a garage sale for like $10 or something. All things considered, it was in great shape and still is today. This is one of my favorites because I always loved the Coyotes logos as a kid, plus it fits me perfectly, so I wear it quite often compared to some of the other jerseys in my collection.

Jersey Info
Team: Phoenix Coyotes
Player: Nikolai Khabibulin
Number: 35
Manufacturer: Starter
Size: M
Acquired from: Garage Sale

I absolutely love this jersey and it's white counterpart (I have that one too) although some people would disagree and say it's too cartoonish and what not. I love the Coyotes logo on the front, especially the mix of colors that they worked into it. Add to that some sharp shoulder patches and a unique patter on the arms and waist, and you've got a great overall look. At least that's how I feel, what do you guys think?

The back is pretty straightforward on this one with the name and number in addition to the Western Conference and manufacturer logos at the bottom. I really like that they went with the tan color on this one. If only they went with that color for the opposite jersey (think Rangers Winter Classic jersey), instead of the white. Now that would've been cool and unique at the time.

This time I had a card floating around my PC with the same jersey, minus one detail that only a perfectionist or die-hard jersey collector would notice or care about. It's not easy to notice from the card, but the numbering is in the wrong font on the back of my jersey. It looks like it was homemade, so that's probably why, but I still wonder how they got numbers that look so close to the real thing, yet so different. Click here to see what I mean.

That's four of these down now. No more left in draft status, so I need to get a few more of them out of the closet and photographed so I can show them off. Not sure what I should show off next, I've got about 15 more to chose from, so you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I have one of the Coyotes old school jerseys, similar to yours but without the numbering. I agree with you, it is a cool jersey and the logo is definitely unique.

  2. I love the old Coyotes logo. Cartoonish, yes...but still so awesome! I'm a Rangers fan, but I appreciate all hockey jerseys(especially this one).