Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jimmy Howard: UD Rookie Showcase

Now that Jimmy is becoming one of the better goaltenders in the league (22-8-1, 1.95 GAA, and 0.927 SV%) there is a lot more competition when it comes to collecting his cards. This is a double-edged sword, because on one hand I want Jimmy to succeed and get better, while on the other I'd like his cards to stay in my price range.

Gone are the days of 1-2 years ago when I could sit on an eBay auction until the last minute at $0.99 and either win outright or maybe deal with a few last minute bids. Now, if I'm lucky I can get away with a so-called "steal" like the one I believe I have here at just $5. 

This one is from the 2005-06 UD Rookie Showcase set. I believe it was released in parallel with the Hockey Showcase (shown here) set that could be obtained through the mail from Upper Deck around the beginning of the 2005-06 season. I've read in several places that there were only 1000 copies of these produced, but they're not serial numbered.


I love the look of this set, there is just something about the blue edges and the bronze/black combo that go together well. Not sure if this one is considered to be a true rookie card, as it was not part of a widely available base set. Either way, a card from Jimmy's rookie season is always a welcome addition to the collection. 

This one brings the collection to 106 cards total including duplicates. Now that I've got a bit of Christmas cash to play with on the bay, I'm hoping to add a few more cards here soon as gifts to myself, but we'll see. 

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