Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hockey Cards Make Great Christmas Gifts

When it comes to Christmas gifts for me every year, people usually go with the generic gift card kind of stuff, which is perfectly fine with me, as I'm always in need of new music, movies, etc. However, there is one gift that I always love receiving, and that is anything to do with hockey cards.

This year was no different and I came home with a couple of nice singles for the PC and a few packs to bust. Here's a look at the card related stuff I received: 

These four were wrapped together as a single package and I must say they were definitely a nice, unexpected addition to the collection, especially the Yzerman jersey. In addition to these I also received four packs of 2010-11 Pinnacle.

Here's some of what I got from the four packs:

As you can see, nothing too spectacular. The Saving Face is a nice set, but I still wish they would've brought back some incarnation of "The Mask" like the old Pinnacle sets. Other than that there were just a lot of 'unique' photos like the ones shown here.

Now I have a question, did you receive cards as gifts? How do you feel about people buying cards as gifts, as most of us collectors have very specific wants and collecting needs?


  1. Nice stuff.

    I never really ask for cards since my family really doesn't know the hobby well enough. They have mentioned that they wouldn't know what to get (and I respect that).

    I'd hate to see one of them buy me some stuff only to see it get discarded as quickly as I got it.

    Maybe a few $1 packs or something would be cool though.

  2. Nice cards, I like Certified's jersey cards...and any Yzerman card is a good Yzerman card

  3. I ask for $1 repacks from the $1 store. Always fun to see who you get and it doesn't cause a dent in anyone's wallet. Got a Ron Tugnutt rookie in one this Xmas!

  4. I think the consensus would be that the $1 packs and things like that from retail stores are the best way to go if someone's getting you cards, unless they know something really specific you're interested in.

    I love the cheap packs because 1) I didn't pay for them and 2) who doesn't love busting packs?