Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goaltending Gallimaufry: Card Show Pickups Pt. 2

Gallimaufry [gal-uh-maw-free] A hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley.

This is going to be the second part of the biggest influx of cards to the project. They make up half of what I found at the only other dime and quarter box table I stopped by at the Gibraltar show last weekend. If there's anything this project has done, it's made me want to check out every quarter and dime box now. There's just something fun about thumbing through tons and tons of cards, most of which I've never even seen before, and as always, you never know what you'll find. Here's a look at what I got:

We'll start things off with Chris Osgood, who was one of the inspirations for this project with the setup you see here. He's obviously playing for the Islanders, but still sporting his Red Wings glove, blocker, pads, and even pants. That's the one I don't get. Don't they make shells that just cover the pants for when guys change teams like this?

This next one, from 2001-02 Vanguard, shows Osgood a bit more into his Islanders transformation. He's got blue and white glove and blocker as well as blue pants, but he's still sporting his red and white Vaughn's from his time in Detroit. 

Got one more for Mr. Osgood, showing the same setup as the last card, except for the home white jersey of course. This one comes from 2001-02 Topps, a set that always makes me wonder, "what were they thinking" with the blue borders.

Now onto Damian Rhodes of the Senators. As you can pretty obviously see in this one, he's pictured still wearing his pads and glove from his time in Toronto. This one comes from the 1996-97 Leaf Steel set, which is an awesome idea if you ask me. I mean come on, how cool is a card printed on stainless steel?

Here's another one of Mr. Rhodes from 1996-97 Donruss. It features the same setup as the last one, but is a little bit harder to notice at a glance because the pic is a bit darker. The only thing I don't get about this card, is why the decided to place the picture so far off center.

Here's one that looks familiar. That's because it's the shiny parallel version of the 1996-97 Pinnacle Summit card I already have in the collection. This one is cool because it almost looks as though he's got a half and half thing going on, as his right pad is hidden from view.

Got one more here, this time from 1996-97 Upper Deck. He's still wearing the blue pads in this one, but what I find odd is that Rhodes had the time to use two different masks before getting rid of the blue gear. Must be easier to break them in or something.

Now for another guy wearing blue and white pads with a team whose colors are red, white, and black. It's another Mika Noronen for the collection, this time from 2000-01 Topps Heritage. This one is similar to the Premier Plus with the blue and white Heaton leg pads along with red, white, and black glove and blocker.

Here's the last one for today, a David Aebischer rookie card from 2000-01 Topps Stars. It's got him pictured with the Avs and he has matching pads, glove, and blocker. It's the mask that's the focus here. It's hard to see in this pic, but on the back there's a closeup. It's from his time with the Hershey Bears of the AHL, where he played prior to Colorado.

That's it for now, another nine welcome additions to the collection. I've still got more that came from the same table at the show, so stay tuned for those, if you're interested of course. I'm sure some people think this is a dumb idea, but I don't and I know some of you don't. Regardless, I'm going to keep plugging away at this and see where it takes me.

Goaltending Gallimaufry Count: 49


  1. I love the idea. I think it's unique, fun and even inexpensive at that.

    I'm curious to see if you can hit 100......500..... or even 1000 cards. What the oldest card will be and what the most 'ugly' card will be.

    Great stuff. There are a couple of those cards that have a great photo only to be slightly offset by the mismatch of equipment. Love it.

  2. Thanks man! I really appreciate the positive feedback on this thing. I've managed to hit 50 in about 3 months, so 100 is probably doable soon, but we'll see.

    So far, I think the Hackett MTL/BOS/PHI mash-up you sent over holds the "most ugly" spot.