Monday, August 29, 2011

My Picks # 69: Steve Shields

This pick involves two of my favorite things about the game of hockey: jerseys and goalie masks. The card I'm referring to is a Steve Shields from 2003-04 Pacific, one of the best Pacific base set designs in my opinion. It's really too bad that they got out of the hockey card business, as they had some great stuff over the years.

As you can see in the scan above, this card depicts Shields during his time with the Boston Bruins. More importantly though, it shows him in one of my favorite mask designs of all time as well as one of my favorite third jerseys of all time. 

First, lets start with the goalie mask part of the equation. This card features probably the greatest tribute mask I've seen, so much so that I even did another 'My Picks' showcasing it on another card altogether. Check out that post by clicking here.

Here you can see a closeup of Shields "tribute" mask on the left and on the right you can see the actual mask worn by Gerry Cheevers during his time with the Bruins. 

I don't think Shield's mask could've been done any better. It's got a great level of detail to it, all the way down to the hair and ears painted on the sides of the mask. It's also a plus that he went with the white wire cage as any other color would have clashed too much with the white painted mask design.

Now, for the second part of the equation, the third jersey. This one is a bit on the older side, at least in terms of third jerseys, as it debuted back in 1995-96. For a better look, click here to head on over to Third String Goalie, where this picture is from. 

This one is definitely at the top of my replica jersey want list, right up there with the Islanders "Fisherman" jersey and the Kings "Burger King" jersey. I just love the color of it, especially the brown bear face on the front. Then there's the unique choppy-edge pattern on the bottom and on the arms. Somehow it all just works together.

So there's my take. What do you guys think of both the mask and the jersey? 


  1. And I thought I was the only one who liked the "Burger King" Jersey.

    Speaking of the Islanders, you know your logo/jersey change is a failure when it is so poorly received that you go back to the way it was before and pretend it never happened. I didn't hate it as much as other people, but that was a failed experiment.

  2. Not many people do apparently. There's just something about the so-called "out of the box" jerseys I like.

  3. I like the mask...Carey Price had a similar tribute mask for the outdoor game in Calgary with MUCH creepier results. As for the jersey, it's good; but my favourite Bruins third is still the 1991-92 throwback.

    BTW, thanks for the "follow" and for adding my blog to your hockey card blog list!

  4. Chris - No problem, I wish I would've come across your blog earlier, great stuff so far though.

  5. Hey Paul I have a card I've been wanting to send out to you for awhile...drop me your address at johnny(underscore)canuck57(at)yahoo(dot)com


  6. Love the mask. No so much love for the jersey though.

    What looked really weird to me was when Steve moved on to Florida but kept the 'stitches' mask for a while. Odd.