Friday, August 19, 2011

Cardboard Creations: Frontmen

Just from the title of this post, something might seem a little off. That's because this one has nothing to do with hockey, well almost nothing. If I had to choose my second passion beyond hockey, it would be music. I love all kind of music, but I'm particularly fond of modern rock, and what doesn't go better with hockey than some good hard rock music?

That said, I thought it would be cool to create a custom card set featuring the lead singers of some of my favorite rock bands, hence the set name 'Frontmen.' Plus, it's Friday, so I though why not change things up a bit for once?

Here's a look at one of the 'Frontmen' cards I came up with:

The overall design is pretty simple. Aside from the obvious task of identifying who the card features, there were a few other things I was looking to do. First, I wanted to have a nice large color picture right in the middle, check. Next I wanted to somehow work in the little singer silhouette, check. Lastly, I wanted to use actual logos/artwork from each band, rather than simply using plain old text for the band names, check.

You may also notice I included the name of a city on the front of the card as well. That city would be the one in which the band was formed, and I thought it would be neat to include that as part of the design.

Here are the rest of them together:

A few of the band have some ties to the game of hockey. First off, my favorite band, Dry Cell, was the feature artist on the commemorative DVD put together by Warner Brothers for the Red Wings 2002 Stanley Cup Championship.  Also, Chad Kroeger of Nickeback is a known Wings fan and has been spotted at Joe Louis Arena during recent playoff runs.

Not really sure if the other bands have ties to the game, but they all play great rock music and like I said earlier, what's better to go with hockey than some good hard rock?

As far as getting this set done, from concept to finished product, this set took me less than a day, which is probably the fastest I've ever come up with a nine-card custom set to date. I was just playing around with a design in Inkscape and somehow it just came together the way it did. The hardest part was probably finding just the right picture for each card followed by finding useable logos/word art for the bottom of each card. 

So there you have it, a little insight into something else I'm into other than hockey cards. What do you guys think? Do any of you share the same musical interests as me?


  1. I'm a rock guy myself but more of a classic rock guy. Not a huge fan of those bands but man those came out great! Nice work.

  2. Thanks! I'm actually surprised myself how cool they look, especially for an idea that came out of nowhere and was finished in just a few hours.