Monday, April 4, 2011

Silver Script Update

A few weeks ago, I posted a group of Silver Scripts I picked up from reader Mark. That was the single largest addition to the set, and it put the Silver Scrip set over the 100 mark.

Well, Mark was kind enough to hook me up with a few more Silver Scripts for the set, plus a few others, which I'll share later.

There were these nine plus a Denis Shvidki, but I didn't feel like wasting two spots in a single row for just one extra card, plus nine cards together like this just looks right. A tenth would just look odd.

My favorite of the bunch would have to be the Jyrki Lumme, just because of the jersey he's wearing. I always thought that particular Coyotes third jersey was awesome and I've always wanted one.

So, these ten bring the set total to 111/220. This means I am just past the halfway mark now. Only 109 left to track down now.

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