Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pack Break: 2006-07 UD Power Play

The third pack from the 15-pack value box was from 2006-07 UD Power Play. Its one of the lower end products from Upper Deck that I've bought a few packs of in the past.

Pretty much your standard low end release. Nothing really special with the overall design of the cards, its pretty simple, which is probably a good thing for this set. 

Its got a full color team logo in an upper corner and the set logo in the lower right hand corner in silver foil. The player name and position sweep up to the right from the bottom left, also in silver foil. 

The prospects cards, which fell one in four packs, offer something slightly different. These are horizontal with the same sweeping theme from left to right. Now the player name and position is in white. 

Overall, not too bad with a decent player selection although the one prospects card happened to be a bust. Based on this and a few past packs, I would buy more of this product, for the right price of course. 

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