Sunday, April 19, 2015

Super Script Update

Looks like I'm definitely back into the whole card thing for right now. After picking up the Lapointe Super Script I posted recently, I've been a bit more into searching for these things on the internet. One place I hadn't been to in a very long time was COMC, so I decided to do a quick search there a little while back and they happened to have another Super Script listed that wasn't too far out of my price range. 

I made an offer that was a little under the asking price and it was accepted fairly quickly. Must be one of those cases where as long as they get close to what they're asking for it doesn't matter since something is better than a card sitting and not making any money.

This one is card #11 in the set and features Dean Sylvester of the Atlanta Thrashers.

This brings me to 56 Super Scripts for my set. It is actually the fourth Thrasher I've got so I'm getting close to being able to complete a team set of these things. I also have four Canucks, so I guess they're tied for the lead now. I would need just three more to complete the Thrashers set at this point. I wonder how long that will take to do.

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