Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gold Script Update

After reading Brett's latest post over at MHCO, I think I'm in a bit of a mini-funk myself. Since I posted my latest Howard stuff from eBay last week, I just haven't had any motivation whatsoever to write anything for this blog. Some of that is being busier at work and some is being busy with roller hockey in full swing again. The only reason I decided to post today is the package that was waiting for me when I got home. 

It contained three more Gold Scripts for my MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set project. I was lucky enough to come across them a few days back when doing my daily ebay searches. Each was listed at $0.99 so I put a placeholder bid on each and wouldn't you know it, they all ended at just $0.99. Even better was the fact that these were all from the same seller, which meant combined shipping.

The first was this Daniel Alfredsson numbered 063/100:

The second was this Ray Whitney numbered 026/100:

The third was this Andrei Shefer numbered 096/100:

Here's a little something, can you spot the difference between the two regular golds and the CHL gold (no, I'm not talking about the big "CHL" and "prospects" at the bottom of the one). It took me quite a while to notice it at first myself. 

These three bring the Gold Script total to 32 out of 220. That's just over 14% of the set. Hopefully I can find some more deals like this on the bay as I still have a long way to go for the set, but progress is progress, right?


  1. Hey 'funk-brother'!

    Nice pickups.

    I think the small CHL logo (hidden in the skates) is the difference.

    Nice pickups (gotta love combined shipping).

  2. Those are both differences indeed. Kind of one in the same because the little CHL logo replaced the facsimile auto. Good eyes, but there's still another one...

  3. There is no netting behind the player name on the bottom and the player name boxes have been changed to include the CHL Prospects.

  4. The team name is replaced with Halifax instead of Mooseheads? That's all I've got for the third difference.

  5. Those are both good too (never even noticed the lack of netting myself), but what I was looking for was the lack of the inner white line around the border on the CHL card. It took me a while to notice it.