Monday, October 17, 2011

Jimmy Howard: More eBay Pickups

Sometimes, well a lot of times, there are things more important than a simple hobby like collecting cards. This past weekend was a great example for me. I spent Friday night with a friend over in Grand Rapids, which included a trip to the comedy club and a dueling piano bar, followed by a very windy nine holes of golf Saturday morning. All the while, this blog and the hobby in general didn't really enter my mind all weekend, which was nice for a change. 

So with my mind free and clear in terms of blogging and hockey cards, I'm really only posting this today because of the latest bubble mailer waiting for me in the mailbox after work. This time it's another lot from eBay, and again it included at least one card I already had when I bought it. There were five in all though, so that means four new ones for the collection. 

Let's start with the duplicate of the group, or should I say triplicate as I've actually already got two of these thanks to previous lots from eBay. It's a 2005-06 Trilogy Rookie Premier, this time numbered 371/999. 

Next is another jersey card for the collection. It's a Rookie Uniformity from 2005-06 Fleer Ultra. This one is non-numbered and has a nice red swatch. The only thing I don't like about this one is that they have a picture of Jimmy in a practice jersey, while the card from the base set has a game action photo, although it beats a photo shoot, right?

Next is another RC that's been on my radar for a while, I've just never been able to justify the prices I see it going for on ebay. I'm talking things like BIN's for $30 or more, that's just a bit too much for me. So this one is a definite welcome addition, plus its an acetate card, and who doesn't like acetate cards?

Here's one of those pesky red parallels from Victory. These things were exclusive to the retail rack packs as far as I know and I was never lucky enough to pull one for myself. They're the exact same as the base version, except for the red border, which works quite nicely with this and any Red Wings cards for that matter. 

Now for a love-hate kind of card. I love the look of this card when I'm actually holding it, but I hate scanning it and trying to make it look presentable. Not really sure about the name of the set here, or am I just missing something obvious, because it seems kind of dumb to me. 

That's it for now, these five bring the Howard collection to 85 overall including duplicates, which means I've now got 80 unique pieces. Now, as far as what I got these for. The lot ended up coming in at just $16. Throw in the $3.50 for shipping and I got myself a nice five card lot for just under $4 per card, not bad at all.