Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jimmy Howard: eBay Pickups

Lately I kind of went on an ebay spending spree and ended up with a few nice pieces for my Howard collection, all of which came at a pretty good price if you ask me. Altogether, I made four purchases that brought me seven cards. 

The first to arrive was this purple parallel from 2010-11 Crown Royale. Although it's not shown on the front, it's numbered 22/25. I love the overall design of this set and am looking forward to tracking down the base version as well as some more of the parallels. 

The second to arrive was this 2005-06 Power Play Rookies. It's a lower end RC, but still a RC so I had to have it for the collection. The best part is I managed to get it for $0.99 delivered, although it was shipped in just a penny sleeve floating inside a 6" x 8" bubble mailer. I guess I can't really complain as it was unharmed and I technically didn't pay for shipping.

This next one was another single card purchase. It's a silver parallel from 2010-11 Artifacts numbered 17/25. In the scan it looks like the foil is silver, but when you actually look at it in the light, it's got a nice rainbow tint to it. I think it's odd they didn't just stick with plain silver foil for the silver parallel, right? I got this one for just under $10 delivered, not bad eh?

These last four were part of a lot I picked up a few weeks ago, they just took this long to finally arrive. This first one may look familiar and that's because it's the second copy I've gotten, the other being the card that started my Howard collection.

Of the four card lot, two were going to be dupes for me, but that's alright as it was more than worth it. This Young Gun is the other card I now have two of. The funny thing is I didn't even realize this was in the lot until after I paid. Only the other three were scanned and this was just buried in the decription text. Dare I say, winning! ;)

This is where the lot gets better, with a card that I didn't already have. It's a 2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Rookie numbered 523/999. This is another one of the RC's that has been on my radar all along, I just was waiting to grab it for a decent price. I think I did that, you'll see when I tell you how much this lot actually set me back.

Now, for the best part of the lot. It's an autographed Rookie Jersey from 2005-06 SPx and it's numbered 0874/1499. Can you imagine sitting there and signing you name 1499 times, for just one card? Although I guess I wouldn't complain if I was getting millions to play the game I love, would you? Despite the all white swatch and the sticker auto, I really like the look of this card. It also helps that Jimmy's got a halfway decent signature.

Earlier I mentioned that I didn't mind buying two out of these four cards as dupes. That's because the entire lot set me back only $15 including shipping. I'm still surprised the final priced ended this low, but I'll take it as I don't come across many "steals" like this.

I've seen each of the four cards here listed individually for at least $15. I've seen BIN's of the SP Game Used RC for as high as $19.99 and the SPx auto jersey as high as $50. To each their own though, I'm not willing to pay that much, so I got pretty luck with this lot. 

These seven bring the Howard collection to 80 cards altogether including duplicates. That means with the four dupes I have 76 unique cards in the collection. I've got the 100 mark in my sights now, so we'll see how long it takes to get there...


  1. I really like that Crown Royale card that led off the post, very nice!

  2. Yeah, there's just something cool about those cards. I'm glad they didn't go with the horizontal designs from back in the day though.

  3. I will scan some of my Jimmy Howard cards tonight and see if there are any you need that we could trade for.