Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gold Script Update

These next two were part of the ebay purchase that brought me the Hejduk Super Script. I still find it hard to believe I have so many more Super Scripts than Gold Scripts from this set, but this and one other ebay pickup I'm waiting on should help that.

The first is this Dean McAmmond numbered 079/100,

The second is this Jason Woolley numbered 029/100,

At least with the Gold Scripts, as opposed to the Super Scripts, the signatures are always perfectly visible when scanned. Both McAmmond and Woolley have nice looking signatures, assuming they're exact copies of actual signatures. 

The best part about this pickup is that I only paid $1.49 for each of these two cards thanks to combined shipping. Otherwise, I would've paid $3.50 to ship each card individually and I hate when the shipping is more than the final price of the card like that.

These two bring the Gold Script set total to 14, not far behind the 20 Super Scripts now. Overall, I now have 355 out of the 880 possible between base / silver / gold / super, which is just about 40%. 

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