Saturday, April 2, 2011

SCE Super Script Update

Ok, this card I do actually own. It's a Milan Hejduk Super Script numbered 10/25. I got this one in a package deal with two Gold Scripts on eBay the other day for around $20.

Not bad as these things are darn near impossible to track down. It's the sixth one I've picked up so far this year, so I'm on a much better pace than this point last year for this set.

At least on this one the rainbow foil signature is actually visible in the scan. I guess it just depends on how the light from the scanner hits it, as the last few haven't come out so nice.

This one brings the Super Script set total to 20. Seeing that I've only been actively pursusing this set for just over a year now, I'd say that 20 out of 220 is pretty good, considering how rare these things are.

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