Friday, March 12, 2010

TTM: Through the Mail

After reading about TTM (Through the Mail) over at Moody's TTM Blog, it reminded me that I have about 20 past successes sitting in top-loaders that I would like to share.

I started doing this sometime during middle school and sent cards primarily to the Wings in hopes of receiving autographs. I was fairly successful, even with some of the big names.

This has also got me thinking about sending out some cards for the first time since then, especially with all of the duplicates I've been accumulating from recent pack breaks. I've got at least 1000 relatively new duplicates (2000 or newer) sitting in boxes at home. These may be good candidates for some TTM trials, and I won't run the risk of loosing cards.


  1. If you are into TTM autographs, you might want to check out my autograph site:


  2. Impressive list you have there. I have also had success with some of the same Red Wings, including multiples from Hasek, Yzerman and others.