Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Picks # 11: Chris Osgood

This pick is a 2000-01 Upper Deck Ice Game Jersey Chris Osgood. First off, the fact that these are acetate cards makes this set that much cooler. There is just something about cards that you can see through and this one is no different.

The most interesting thing about this card is being able to see the jersey swatch through the back of the card and how it is cut and placed in the card. It's interesting because it's something you don't see all that often with memorabilia cards.

Overall, it's a pretty solid design. I like how it's kind of divided into the four quadrants and how the shape of the window for the player image and the jersey swatch are the same. The repeated image on the right side adds a cool effect as does the interconnected silver foil surrounding the two windows.

The text is readable and not overbearing. The UD and ICE logos are nicely placed in opposite corners and do not take away from the overall design. The swatch size is appropriate but could have been a little bigger.

The only downside to this card is that it did not want to scan very well. There's something about silver and gold foil that my scanned does not like.

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