Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cardboard Creations: Masked Men / Materials

Previously I mentioned that I am working on several customs card designs and now I'm ready to preview two of them. The reason I bring them both up in one post is that they go hand in hand with one another as you will see below. 

The first set I'm calling Masked Men, which will highlight the many different mask designs of past and present goaltenders. I chose to preview this set with one of several Kari Lehtonen cards because a mask featuring Optimus Prime has to be one of my favorites.

The second set is titled Masked Materials, which will feature game used memorabilia from some of today's best goaltenders while showcasing their masks at the same time. The design is slight different than the Masked Men design, but borrows several key features, namely the border and font.

I just came up with this design today and have only completed two of them so far. I've decided to preview this set with Jimmy Howard.

I have plenty of work to do with both of these sets, but I will post both in their entirety when finished. Currently, I'm up to 112 different cards for the Masked Men set, and there's plenty of masks left to create cards for.

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