Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Viktor Arvidsson: SPx Auto

This is my first Arvidsson pickup since he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. While I'm not sure about his future cards, I still plan on picking up his Nashville stuff when the price is right. Hopefully that happens more often now that he's moved onto another team.

As far as specific sets, I've really wanted to pick up some of the more recent SPx designs. There is just something about them. Just like the Subban Radiant Materials I posted, the design of this set is really what caught my eye when I first saw the listing on eBay.

This one comes from the 2019-20 edition of SPx and is card #2 in the set. It is a sticker auto and not serial numbered. Not bad for just a few dollars including shipping.

Back to the design, this thing looks amazing in person. I love when designs crop the player out of the photo background and place them on top of a cool design like this. It's got a lot going on (hexagons, curves, bursts, foil, etc.) but it all works somehow. Definitely one of my favorite SPx designs out there. The only thing it's missing is a hologram.

Now I just need to track down some of the other versions of this card. There is the regular base version numbered to 149 as well as some others including jerseys, patches, autos and the Finite die-cuts. Those things look pretty cool too, but they're pretty limited.

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  1. Shame he was traded to the Kings. Can't really root for him anymore ;D