Sunday, March 21, 2021

Jimmy Howard: UD Clear Cuts

Upper Deck's Clear Cut base parallels are relatively new, I believe only going back to 2016-17. Seeing that Jimmy Howard was included in UD S1/S2 every year after that through 2019-20, he has some of these cool acetate cards out there.

The closest thing I have are his cards from the ICE sets that were actually acetate. I know for sure I have his ICE Premieres from 2005-06 and at least one other base card from later on. I always thought acetate cards were cool, so the more I can add here the better.

Thanks to a pair of eBay purchases, I now have two Clear Cut parallels. Up first is the 2018-19 version. This thing looks awesome in person and goes nicely with the base versions I already have like the rainbow foil and UD Exclusives. 

Next was the 2017-18 version. The best part about this one is the cool low-angle photo. I said that when I posted the other versions and I wanted to again here. This one is definitely up there in terms of base card photos in my Howard collection, probably top five.

If my math is correct, these give me two thirds of all the Howard clear cuts. The only one I am missing now is from 2019-20, so I will definitely be on the lookout for that to complete the trifecta. That would make for a neat type of "rainbow" on their own.

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