Saturday, December 5, 2020

Viktor Arvidsson: The Cup Gold Spectrum

If there is one thing I don't have much of in my collection, it is stuff from The Cup. I'm pretty sure the only two cards I even have are the two Howard RPA's that I bought this summer. While they aren't the first thing I look for, since they're usually pretty expensive, I am always open to grabbing some for my PC if the price is right.

One of my recent eBay pickups would be one of these situations. Somehow I was able to grab this awesome Viktor Arvidsson The Cup card for just $0.99 plus shipping. It is card #47 from 2017-18 The Cup, specifically the Gold Spectrum version, serial numbered 3/12.

What a gorgeous piece of cardboard. You really have to have one of these in your hand to appreciate it. The scan looks good, but when the light hits the actual foil it looks amazing.

This is now my lowest numbered Arvidsson card besting the MVP Super Script I picked up recently. Not sure why they are numbered to 12 though. I would love to hear the reasoning for that. Its probably something obvious, but I don't follow The Cup closely so who knows.


  1. Was 2017-18 the 12th anniversary of The Cup? That's all I've got.

    1. Interesting, didn't even think about that.