Wednesday, May 27, 2020

MVP Gold Script Update

Now that I've decided to go after the regular MVP scripts from 1999-00, I thought I would start things off with the only one of these I've had in my collection up to this point. Plus, I've gotten a new scanner since picking it up, so why not re-scan it just for fun?

This one is card #90 in the set and features former Panthers captain Scott Mellanby. It is serial numbered 007/100 on the front. I grabbed this from a $1 bin at a card show several years ago just because they look awesome and I never had one before that.

As far as the MVP Gold Scripts go, this is probably my favorite overall design. Unlike the Stanley Cup Edition set, these are a lot more distinguishable from the base and other scripts. I mean the entire perimeter of the card went from white to gold.

When you add to that the contrast with the team colors, you get this amazing looking parallel. If only Upper Deck could go back to something more along these lines for MVP. That would get me immediately interested in buying some new product for once.

MVP Gold Script Total: 1/220

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