Wednesday, September 6, 2017

50/50 Trading: Hockey Mystery Lot

Its been a long time since I've done any trading so it was nice to get in on some of the 50/50 trading action courtesy of Chris over at The Collector. I sent some of my unwanted Devils cards and a few other things in exchange for a mystery hockey lot. This sounded like a great idea and its fun not knowing what to expect in the bubble mailer when it arrives.

When I did finally open the package there was all kinds of great stuff inside. There were plenty of cards for my Hasek and Red Wings collections along with a nice mix from various years and sets. I've decided to pick a few of my new additions and show them off here.

My favorite of the non-PC cards was this Radek Faska from 2015-16 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection. It is a super thick base card serial numbered 260/399.

This one from 2002 Topps Archives featuring former Maple Leafs goaltender Ron Low really stuck out when I was sorting through the stacks of cards I received. I don't have many cards like this so it was neat to be able to add it to my collection. 

Up next is a card that stuck out because of the photograph on the front. This David Backes from 2013-14 Score has an awesome shot of him skating at Joe Louis Arena. Its a great low angle shot and the ice spray just makes it that much cooler.

Another entry from Panini, this time it is a Goalie Pulls card of Semyon Varlamov from 2012-13 Certified. These are neat because you can actually pull out the photo area of the card using the tab on the right side. I have one for my Jimmy Howard collection too.

Finally, we have this Tommy Salo from 2003-04 Pacific Crown Royale. This was one of the few Crown Royale sets not actually cut into the shape of a crown. It is die cut around the shield on the left and along the stepped sections at the bottom. I chose this one because I really liked the primary logo on those old Oilers third jerseys.

This was just the random stuff that didn't fit into any of my specific projects. It's always fun to show off some oddball things like this. As I mentioned, there is still more to show for my PC projects and I've got separate posts lined up for those.

Thanks for the trade Chris!


  1. Happy that it worked out for you! There aren't too many of us hockey collectors among the bloggers...we need to do a better job of trading between ourselves.

  2. Glad you like the cards! I tried to send as many goalies and Red Wings as I could - didn't even realize the Backes card was from the Joe.

    Thanks again for the trade!