Monday, August 14, 2017

MVP Stanley Cup Edition Update

In addition to the four Silver Scripts I was able to add to my set project from the 20 packs I bought recently, I pulled three insert cards that I didn't already have. Even though these insert cards are not really the primary focus of my MVP Stanley Cup Edition project, it is still nice to add some once in a while. Who doesn't love late 90's / early 00's inserts?

The first one and my favorite of the three is this Pavel Bure, which is #PH6 in the Playoff Heroes insert set. These cards are covered in rainbow foil and look great in person. 

The other two cards came from the Second Season Snipers insert set. The first one was #SS3 and features Peter Forsberg of the Colorado Avalanche.

The other one is #SS11 and features Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

This is another set covered in rainbow foil and it looks much better in person than in the scans. This update gives me three out of ten for the Playoff Heroes set and eight out of twelve for the Second Season Snipers set. Not much further to go for either one now.

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  1. Not sure I will have any luck, but I will keep an eye out for inserts from this set when I'm at local card shows.