Thursday, August 24, 2017

Masks: Pacific Dynagon Ice (Part I)

When it comes to goalie masks cards, usually Pinnacle and ITG are the first sets that come to mind, at least for me. While there are plenty of goalie themed inserts out there, there are not a ton that focus on just the masks. I happened to be browsing eBay the other day and came across one of these other mask sets that I had forgotten even existed: 1999-00 Pacific Dynagon Ice Goalie Masks. 

Talk about a blast from the past. This set is almost 20 years old now and came out when I was really into cards back in middle school. Even though its newer than the Pinnacle sets, I still forgot about it for whatever reason. That made it that much cooler when I came across a listing on eBay for the entire 10 card set recently. The best part, it only cost me $10.

My favorite of the set has to be this one featuring Martin Brodeur's famous Devils mask. I always liked watching Brodeur in the late 90's and early 00's and his mask was always one of my favorites. This card has a great look at the mask and just looks awesome in person. These things are printed on a hard plastic card stock with a cool rainbow foil effect.

There are five goalies represented in the set and each of them have two different pictures of their mask. The other one featuring Brodeur has a nice shot of the front of his mask.

The second half of this post is the second greatest goalie of all time in terms of wins. Patrick Roy's mask from the Colorado Avalanche is shown here. He had another one of those unforgettable masks around the early 00's and it looks great on this card design.

Like the Brodeur cards, the second one for Roy has a nice front view of the mask.

Anyone else a fan of this set? I think they're awesome and will look great along with my Pinnacle and ITG mask cards. There are still some more of these to show, but the two guys above are in a league of their own as far as all time goalie stats, so I thought I would save the other three for the second part of this post. Stay tuned for that.


  1. These mask cards are awesome! $10 for the set is quite a find! I have the Brodeur and two others I wont name (incase you mention them in your next post).

    I’m not a goalie card collector but I do have a few mask cards from sets you mentioned – and some you didn’t. Pacific also made In The Cage net-fusions and Glove Side die-cuts around the same time as these Dynagon masks. You might want to check those out as well if you don’t have them already.

    1. Those net fusion cards are awesome too! I have a couple of them somewhere.

  2. Great pickup. I'm a fan of any goalie mask insert set.