Friday, April 29, 2016

Pack Break: 2013-14 Score

The second pack to come out of my Target value box was from 2013-14 Score. I'd have to go back to check for sure, but I think this is the first time I've opened any of this stuff too. Again, I went into this pack thinking I would be happy with any Red Wings or goalie cards. With 12 cards per pack, the odds of getting at least one desirable card were pretty good.

While there ended up not being any goalie cards, I did mange to pull a card of Damien Brunner. That one is definitely the keeper of the group. I liked him when he was in Detroit and remember him most from an overtime goal against the Ducks in the 2013 playoffs. Other than that the two other nice ones were a RC of Vladimir Tarasenko and a Score Black parallel of Andy Greene. The other non-base was a Gold parallel of Tanner Glass.

Not bad for another pack of Score. There are some nice looking cards in this set, especially the black parallels. Everything other than the Brunner is going into my traders pile. I really have no use for any of those cards and I'm sure there is a better home for them out there. Plus, it helps cut down on space needed for storage if I skip over these kinds of cards.

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