Saturday, April 23, 2016

Goalies: 03-04 BAP Between the Pipes

I forgot just how much fun this whole blogging about cards thing can be. The past two weeks I find myself just sitting and sorting through stacks of cards whenever I get a few extra minutes at my desk. There are just so many cool cards out there and I've found myself wanting even more of them now. This post is about my first impulse purchase of cards in a long time. I was searching eBay the other day and came across an auction for a partial set of 03-04 BAP Between the Pipes cards. It was only at $0.99 so I threw up a bid and just waited to see what would happen. 

Well, I ended up winning the auction and now I've got 67 new cards for my goalie collection. A couple are dupes of cards I've gotten randomly over the years, but most of them I am seeing for the very first time. This set is nice for me because it comes from the time I was most into hockey as a kid (end of middle school and on into high school) and it brings back good memories seeing some of the names included in the set. 

I'd like to share some of the cards from the set on here starting with some of the names I am most familiar with from that time period. The first featuring Curtis Joseph is one of the cooler looking pictures in the set with him firing the puck around the boards.

Up next is a goalie that I will always associate with the Red Wings even though he wasn't in Detroit at this time and that is Chris Osgood. It's always weird seeing him with the Blues or Islanders. At least he got a chance to come back and win a second Cup in Detroit.

The next guy is the great Patrick Roy and I will always remember him from the rivalry between the Red Wings and Avalanche. The first thing that comes to mind when I see Roy is game 7 from 2002 when he was pulled after six goals in the loss to Detroit. The second thing would be his statue of liberty play from the game before that.

Up next is Nikolai Khabibulin, who had one of the cooler mask / nickname combinations from that time period. While he is shown here with Tampa, I remember him more from the 1998 playoff series between the Wings and Coyotes. 

Marty Turco is another guy who had some really cool masks back then. One thing I will always remember him from is the crazy goal that Pavel Datsyuk scored against him on a breakaway in Dallas, one of those 'Datsyukian' dekes that are likely done in the NHL now. 

Up next is a guy who I remember most from a playoff series against the Red Wings. That would be Jean-Sebastian Giguere, who pretty much beat the Wings all by himself in the Ducks sweep of Detroit back in the first round of the 2003 playoffs. 

If there is one guy who had as good of a mask / nickname combinatio as The Bulin Wall, it would be Olaf Kolzig of the Capitals. His 'Godzilla' masks were awesome back then. I will always remember him from the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals when the Wings won in a sweep. 

Okay, maybe there is another guy with an even better combination. Ed Belfour and his eagle masks are something I definitely associate with this time period. I remember him most from playing against Detroit in the 1998 western conference finals.

Last but not least we have one of the best goaltenders ever, Martin Brodeur. He was a player I really liked in the late 90's and early 00's, so this is a nice card to add to my collection. One thing that always comes to mind with Brodeur is the first goal he scored against Montreal back in the day.

Now that I've gotten this far with these, I'd like to get a few more scanned and ready to show off. Who knows maybe I'll end up scanning and posting every single card from the set. That's how into this stuff I am at the moment, plus it's always fun to get a good look and entire set of goalie cards, right?

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