Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jimmy Howard: 2013-14 Select Emerald Prizm

Here's another one to add to my list of $0.99 experiment results. I didn't think this one would end at only that much, but eBay proved me wrong once again and I now have another awesome parallel for my Jimmy Howard collection. 

This one is the emerald version of the red Prizm parallel I posted a little while back. It is numbered 10/25, although that is on the back so you won't see it in the scan. What you will see however is an amazing looking card. I love the way the red of the Wings uniform pops out of the green. It's much better than having red on red like the other one I posted. 

So this gives me two cards of a possible six for the complete rainbow. I still need the base version, the regular Prizm parallel, the gold Prizm numbered to 10 and the 1/1 black Prizm. I'll probably never see the black, so I will just focus on the others and go for a nice looking partial rainbow. Besides, does anyone really count 1/1's a absolutely 100% necessary for a rainbow? I guess some people would, and that's fine, but really what are the odds of landing a card like that? I've only got one such card in four years. 

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