Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jimmy Howard: 2013-14 MVP Gold Script

In my last post I showed off one of my new 2013-14 Jimmy Howard cards. Well, I actually went on a small winning streak at the time I was bidding on that one and came away with three of them all together. The second one I have is one that actually only cost me $0.49 plus shipping, so I can't really call it part of my $0.99 experiment. 

This one is also from Upper Deck and comes from 2013-14 MVP. It is one of the Gold Script parallels and is serial numbered 004/100. Like most of the gold scripts from Upper Deck, this one is just a gold version of the foil from the regular base card along with a facsimile signature, also in gold, hence the gold script. 

While this isn't one of the nicest looking MVP sets, I like the overall look. The red on the sides and bottom really help make the card stand out. Also, it helps that Jimmy has a nice signature, I just wish they would've used a version of it that has his number added. 

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