Monday, May 6, 2013

Pack Break: 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1

Here is the last of the regular packs from my Meijer mystery cube. I've busted plenty of packs of 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 before, but you can never go wrong with a pack that can potentially yield a Young Gun rookie card.

Here are the listed odds for this pack: Young Guns (1:4), 20th Anniversary (1:4), 20th Anniversary YG (1:48), Brodeur Missing Link (1:5000), Hockey Heroes (1:12), All-World Team (1:12), All-World Team SP (1:120), UD Game Jerseys (1:24), EA Super Stars (1:8).

Here's another look at the wrapper:

And here's a look at the eight cards inside:

Well, no Young Guns this time, but I did at least get the Hockey Heroes header card that can help me complete the Steve Yzerman version of the set for my Red Wings Collection. I even pulled the portrait card a while back, so I should be pretty close to having all of them now. 

There was nothing special among the other seven cards. In fact, I think I already have copies of most of them so these are all going right into my traders box.

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