Thursday, April 25, 2013

Super Script Update

Now this is more like it, two Super Scripts just a couple of days. I could get used to a pace like that. The Moran that I showed in my last post was the 49th in my set, making this the 50th, a pretty nice milestone if you ask me. While I already pass this mark with my Gold Script set, there is just something a bit more satisfying doing it with this set.

This one goes back to the main part of the base set and adds another Dallas Star to the project. It features defenseman Brad Lukowich and is numbered 10/25.

Like I said earlier, this makes 50 of these things now. I've definitely come a long way from the four that I had when I started this blog back in late 2009, man has it really been that long already? As far as 2013 goes, this is the 10th one I've picked up in just under four months, which only leaves me with eight more to catch up to my total from last year.

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