Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pack Break: 1998-99 UD Choice

Time for pack number two from the Meijer mystery cube. This one is once again from the late 1990's and comes from the 98-99 edition of Upper Deck's Collector's Choice set. Actually scratch that, at that time it had been changed to just "UD Choice" instead. 

There are six cards per pack and there were several "inserts" to chase after. They included Bobble Heads (1:4), Star Quest Blue (2:1), Star Quest Green (1:7), Star Quest Red (1:11), Star Quest Gold (/100) and Choice Reserve (1:6). 

Here's a look at the wrapper:

Now here's a look at what was inside: 

As you can see I ended up with the two Star Quest Blue cards as stated on the back. Then there were three regular base cards and the one World Junior Showcase card. Gotta love those old Tampa 3rd jerseys shown on the Ysebaert and the picture on the Sakic base card is just awesome even if it does get a bit blurry.